Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oblivion Modding

I've been playing Oblivion again recently and trying out a bunch of different mods, mostly graphical. Here's some screenshots of my game, modded to look extra sexy.

This is running on mostly high settings: large textures, HDR, high shadow filtering, etc. No anti-aliasing though. Oblivion makes you choose between bloom with anti-aliasing, or HDR with no anti-aliasing for some reason. I'm playing this on a 2 year old laptop. So to all the assholes that laugh at the prospect of gaming on a laptop, to you I say I politely disagree with your position good sir. Here's my laptop's specs:

Dell XPS m1530 laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 2.4ghz
Geforce 8600 mGT 256 MB

Oblivion is one amazing ass game, and even 3x as good on PC. If you play it on 360, that's fine, but you'll have to deal with the performance stutters and long load times. You're also missing out on the jaw dropping visuals that the PC version offers. The vanilla game is good looking for a 4 year old title, but when you throw in some environmental mods and texture replacements it's simply stunning. Not to mention you there's tons of new quest mods that add on entire new areas to explore and treasures to obtain. If you've never played Oblivion, what the fuck is wrong with you?